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MWD is absolutely dedicated to supplying and installing the finest wallcoverings.  This supports highly skilled print designers, traditional block and silk-screen printers, fine artists, weavers, gilders and ultimately installers/hangers like us.

I also strongly believe in sustainability and reducing any negative impact to our Planet.  We only recommend coverings from sound brands with transparent policies on sustainable timber source, non-toxic print materials, and responsible water/energy use in their manufacture.  These companies are usually in the UK, Europe and the US and are regulated by increasingly strict laws.  But there is also a growing list of Australian made products.

We use a non-toxic starch adhesive (potato!) with 0% VOC which equals no smell and little water clean-up.  Occasionally we use a clay based adhesive for heavy weight wallcoverings which is still very low in VOC (0.24%).  All of our trimming waste is separated and recycled, where suitable to do so and glue pales are also recycled or reused.  Our water usage is conscientiously limited and returned to ground when possible.

MWD promises to continue to improve our environmentally responsible practices and we're always keen to hear your feedback and suggestions?

[ background - Genuine Walnut veneer wallcovering by Elton Group, Melbourne ]


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