An average feature wall is around 10 square metres.

Cost for installation for a feature wall of this size approx. $300 - $400 not incl. wallpaper.

Average cost for install of a full room $800-1000. This does not include wallpaper

supply & installation packages

For a supply + installation ‘package’, a discount of at least 10% applies!

MWD’s pricing for Installation of wallpapers & wallcoverings is based upon square metres installed. 


This is more accurate than charging per roll, as rolls can be varying sizes and sometimes only a small part of a roll is required.

Most domestic wallpaper installation costs are based upon a sq. m charge of $30 - $40 per square metre (as recommended by Master Painters & Decorators AU).

A quote will advise how much wallpaper is required for your job and the cost will include best adhesive appropriate for your application, basic wall preparation, moving of heavy furniture etc, returning furniture to position and leaving clean and tidy.


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